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The role of the architect has evolved significantly in recent years.

In the past, architects were often seen as the sole creators of a building, responsible for everything from the initial design to the construction and finishing touches.

However, today's architects operate more like directors of a movie or an orchestra, leading and coordinating a diverse team of specialists to ensure that the project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

From engineers and scientists to planners, economists, politicians, and entrepreneurs, the modern architect is a master collaborator, bringing together the best minds from a range of disciplines to create buildings that are sustainable, functional and beautiful.

In this way, the role of the architect has become more holistic and multidisciplinary, reflecting the complex and multifaceted nature of the built environment in the 21st century.

At AB Architects, we value the diverse and complex nature of the built environment and as such, we don't believe in limiting ourselves to a single house style, specialism, or building type.

While we may have experience in certain areas, we constantly strive to push ourselves and take on new challenges, wherever they may be.

Our work is constantly evolving as a reflection of this open and adaptable approach.

Key Personnel

Alessandro Bigolin


With extensive experience in managing all phases of the project lifecycle, I ensure every project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

I build and maintain strong relationships with clients, and work closely with them to understand their unique needs and goals, delivering design solutions that exceed their expectations.

I bring expertise in design and project management, design technology, BIM, and regulatory compliance to every project and I am committed to delivering sustainable and innovative design solutions that create long-lasting value for our clients.

I am a Chartered Architect and the founder of AB Architects.

More about me.

Galina Kaloyanova


An Architect with over 20 years’ experience and comprehensive knowledge of designing and developing residential, commercial, master planning, and mixed-use schemes in the UK and abroad. Galina manages projects from concept design to completion, for private, public, and corporate clients.

Previous working experience includes industry leading practices HOK, Broadway Malyan, AFK and RTKL.

Galina is passionate about concept design, space planning, parametric design, sustainable design, and BIM.

ESG & Sustainability

Our holistic approach to sustainability extends beyond the impact of a building on its environment to address people’s health and wellbeing, and creating inclusive, resilient social communities.

We go to great lengths to study and understand the local context, heritage and natural environment in order to formulate well-informed design solutions and foster social interaction and engagement.

We are committed to ensuring that every project, large or small, does seamlessly become part of the environment itself with the minimum carbon footprint as possible.

Download our research into ESG in UK, Europe and US Real Estate.

Learn More about ESG in Real Estate

Our Design Values

Our design work is driven by:

• Clarity

• Inspiration

• Timelessness

Our Approach to work

Our approach is based on:

• Collaboration

• Design as process

• Function and efficiency but also aesthetics.

Digital Design

‍Our digital design capabilities include:

360° panorama
3D printing
Animations and CGI
Immersive testing

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