Buyers and Tenants

Why focusing on customers is so critical?


Alessandro Bigolin

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Buyers buy on emotions, so how is the place going to make them feel?

Having considered some of the challenges of developing a project to construction and completion, the last consideration is not actually the last in order of importance – it should be the first, the buyers and tenants.

Whether you are building to sell, to rent, or adopt a more niche approach and work on co-living or senior living schemes, for example, the focus should be on the customer. So then why so much focus on the practical challenges listed earlier? Because these are very important and critical for the success of the project from the customer point of view – beside financially for the developer. Every aspect listed above is a potential bump in the road that can side line or disrupt the whole project and where the focus should be.

Ignoring or overlooking customer needs costs money because the building will be worth less.

Developers that invest in design and intentionally focus their business around their customers, outperform their peers and capture more value.


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