Developing Planning Consented sites

What to look for when acquiring Planning consented sites in the UK?


Alessandro Bigolin

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Acquiring a Planning Approved site is a common business practice by many property developers.

In this article we explore what to look for when approaching these types of projects, what are the common challenges - and potential pitfalls, and how to deal with them.
This is by no means a comprehensive guide, it is a summary based on our direct experience on the ground.

In this article we explore:

  • Understanding stakeholders' objectives and how this impacts the developer and how the project performs.
  • The Gap between Planning and Construction stages.
  • The role of customer focus.
  • The role of design.


Whether you are considering developing a Planning Consented site or starting a new project, we are here to help. We deliver end-to-end consulting, design and construction services.

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