The Gap between Planning and Construction stages

What the the critical considerations to consider following Planning Consent?


Alessandro Bigolin

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At the planning stage the focus is mostly on numbers and policies, now at times this comes at a cost to the actual building design – after all the building needs to stand, be functioning and performing well (i.e., on energy consumption). This is a common challenge, once design development starts after planning approval has been achieved, a number of challenges almost immediately arise. Where the columns go, the stair is way too small to be compliant with building regulations, and so on are the usual pain points.

Space Standards
The scheme shows that the units comply with Space Standards, but how about the structural, mechanical, and electrical elements, building regulations? This is a common challenge as building elements and building regulations do take up space and may impact the final flats layout and overall feel.

Constructability considerations
On top of the above design and coordination aspect of design development, a separate yet interlinked consideration is the actual construction preparation and execution. In considering taking a project from planning to completion, the most critical component is the pre-construction and construction phases. In taking projects for construction careful consideration is to be given to the procurement route (traditional or design and build), construction method, design, detailing, materials and technologies as all play a critical part in the overall project program, costs and final result. When taking a planning-approved scheme forward, these considerations are critical and interlinked to the early design iteration, pre-planning approval and subsequent design development.

Above: in red the approved scheme overlaid over our ‘For-Construction’ drawings.


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