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Converting an Abandoned Castle into Modern and Sustainable Hotel Destination





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Project summary

Converting an Abandoned Castle into Modern and Sustainable Hotel Destination

Castle Macgarret is a unique project that involved converting and expanding an abandoned castle that was previously used as a nursing home into a modern hotel.

The project's ambition was to restore the historical character of the castle while also introducing modern amenities and sustainable practices to create a luxurious and comfortable stay for guests.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the client selected AB Architects to work on the project. AB Architects was chosen for its reputation in uncovering hidden opportunities and providing innovative yet commercially sound solutions.

The client wanted to understand the potential of the building, and AB Architects was able to provide a comprehensive analysis and design plan to meet the client's goals. However, the project faced numerous challenges.

The castle was in a poor state of conservation, both internally and externally, and required substantial work to be restored to its former glory.

The biggest challenge was dealing with the building fabric, which had many layers of alterations added to it over the past century. The client's goal was to create a leisure and event-focused hotel, but the existing building's austere and inconsistent appearance posed a significant challenge.

To overcome these challenges, AB Architects conducted historical research on the building, recovering old photographs that showed how the castle appeared a century ago.

The design team then focused on removing the inconsistent additions to the building fabric and restoring the stone walls to their original appearance. Internally, the layout was completely reviewed to make it fit for a modern-day hotel operation.

The team added new wings and expanded the building to create more guest rooms, meeting rooms, and other necessary amenities. The design also included modern technologies and sustainable practices, such as renewable energy sources and water conservation methods, to reduce the hotel's environmental impact.

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