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Feasibility and initial concept design for the development of a new-build 115 rooms hotel.

AB Architects was selected to develop a concept design and feasibility study for a new hotel in London, UK. The existing property is an underused large retail building with little active street frontage.

To revitalise the area and make use of the space, we proposed a method to develop the underutilised building into a new hotel connected to the high street. Better exposure to the town activity will provide more vital frontage and improve the overall public realm. Our team also designed a pedestrian-friendly streetscape around the hotel to link more directly to the high street.

Our scheme consists of 115 rooms spread out over four floors, with a standard room measuring at twenty square meters, fitted with all the needed hotel amenities.

In response to the busy nature of city life and the heavily populated area, we wanted to incorporate relaxing green space into our design. Our plan features a landscaped garden terrace and green roof, ensuring the outline we proposed is both environmentally conscious and visually pleasing. The surrounding streets are residential and retail oriented, so we made sure our design is sensitive to the needs of the community and blends seamlessly with the existing built landscape.

AB Architects designed a concept and proposal that is modern and functional,yet still sympathetic to its surroundings. Our ideas for this redevelopment opportunity to improve upon the existing underused structure will help improve the public realm.

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