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Medical Clinic in London - Healthcare, Workplace

In designing this medical clinic in London, AB Architects was selected to help first with project inception and concept definition, then to continue with briefing, areas and functional requirements. We assisted a private medical practice in creating and designing a new location, thus expanding their vital services.

The obstacle of this project was found in designing a medical clinic that was modern and attractive while still being functional, accessible, and balanced. We engaged in extensive dialogue with the client to develop a comprehensive concept that kept the requirements and accessibility of a medical practice at the heart of the project.

Features of the design include modern workplace facilities, clear and attractive signage, integrated services, ample storage, and user-friendliness that centres the wellness and wellbeing of both staff and patients. The rooms are welcoming, flexible, and accessible to everyone, prioritizing surfaces that are easy to clean, non-porous, and anti-bacterial. Typical hospital interiors are reimagined with sleek touches, mixed materials, cosy furniture finishes, and calming colour palettes such as warm browns, reds, beiges, and tranquil blues and greens to render a natural and comfortable environment. Included in the plan is relaxing break spaces for the healthcare staff.

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